If you have never been to AJC before you may have questions about how things work or what these fancy names like renegade and gala show mean. Like, what the heck is a fight night, isnt this supposed to be a juggling convention?

What is Fight Night?
Fight Night is a Club Combat event where jugglers who can handle three clubs can participate. Participants are paired up to battle it out, aiming to be the last one juggling three clubs. It’s not about endurance; it’s a fight! During the battle, participants must knock clubs out of their opponent’s control while maintaining their own juggling pattern. Winners from each round advance until there’s one final winner. Fight Night is also very entertaining to watch, with plenty of laughter throughout.
What is the Gala Show?
The Gala Show highlights the talents of the convention’s international guest/s and professional performers. Held at a separate venue from the convention itself, it’s a formal evening open to the general public. Attendees can expect to be amazed by the high-caliber skills showcased during the Gala Show.
What is Renegade?

Renegade night is a fun-filled, informal evening where participants can showcase short performances of any kind, ranging from showing off the skills learnt during AJC, comedic or silly acts, to new or creative performance pieces that are still being worked on.

Performance times typically range from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. It’s a really supportive crowd, so have a go!

The first half of Renegade night is family-friendly. A warning is given when family friendly is finishing and during a short break, parents can take the young ones home. The second half removes the adult content and language restriction. Renegade is all about having fun and anything goes!

What Can I Learn at Workshops?

Workshops cover a wide range of juggling skills and tricks, catering to all levels from absolute beginners to advanced jugglers. International guests also lead workshops, providing attendees with the opportunity to learn from experts in their field and juggling cultures in other countries. Workshops may also cover other skills like whip cracking, unicycling, hoop tricks, busking, and balloon twisting. And the line-up has many changes from year to year.

Can Absolute Beginners Attend the Convention?
Can absolute beginners attend the convention? Absolutely! The Adelaide Juggling Convention welcomes attendees of all skill levels, including absolute beginners. With workshops tailored for beginners, intermediate, and advanced jugglers, there’s something for everyone to learn and enjoy in a welcoming environment. A full or day ticket covers all activities on those days, however absolute beginners might choose to purchase just a ticket to individual workshop. These are great if you just want to it a go and get some basic skills.
What if I Can't Attend the Whole Convention?
No worries! You can purchase tickets for just 1 beginners workshop, just the Gala Show, single day or complete event tickets. The convention offers flexible entry options to accommodate varying schedules and budget.
Do I Need a Car to Get Around?
Many attendees come to the Adelaide Juggling Convention using public transport. Once at the convention, supermarket and food shops are within walking distance. The Gala night may be at another location, but it’s often within walking distance, or attendees can carpool or use public transport.