We are still working on the line up for 2020. Here are the guest performers from the 2019 Adelaide Juggling Convention.

Master of Ceremonies: Mr Fish!!

A Man with a gold fish a 10 foot unicycle and no inhibitions. The Amazing Mr Fish and his pet gold fish has been inspiring circus performers the world over. A festival favourite. This man is the king of comedy, circus and mime with more tricks than a vaudevillian. You just wait and see what he can do once he finds Nemo!

Maggie Rees

The queen of the Adelaide juggling scene she is on the cutting edge of what can be done with a juggling ball… or 7? She is from 5 star acclaimed Vertical Insanity Circus which smashed Adelaide fringe with their show Hand in Hand. She is also amazing on a Unicycle and the winner of the unicycle combat at MJC. And wait! isn’t that the AJC poster girl?

Tim Goddard, Timmehtek

An innovator of movement and what is possible with Poi, Tim is changing the scene of manipulation. He a founding member of the spinning school Dragonmill and he is sort the world over and he is from Adelaide!!!

Winner of the International Jugglers Association Oceania division with his dynamic diabolo act and the “Grandmas Favourite Award” at Melbourne Juggling Convention. J.T is fresh on the scene and is a wizard out of the National Institute of Circus Arts. He is also a regular favourite guest performer in the smash hit cabaret show Phat Cab Club.
Dan Gunthorpe

Mixing juggling with Spinning, Dan has a unique innovative style. He has toured Australia and New Zealand extensively with Circus Aotearoa and Warehouse Circus. He is a man of many talents and is constantly evolving the art form with his fusion of acrobatics and manipulation.


The Quizzical Mr Jeff

Jeff isn’t just amazing he is incredible! He is a hoop hooligan and Cyr Wheel master. He is an youtube sensation with a following from all over the World for his Isolation Hoop expertise.


Josh Croall

Hard core tumbler and hard core juggler. This is one of the products of why the Adelaide Circus community is so good! Josh has been in amazing shows such as Non Stop Tricks and the Displaced. Constantly touring and constantly refining his craft Josh is a home grown Adelaide Circus super star.

Felicia Lannan

From the all-female smashing show Boss Squad. Felicia is a power house of an acrobat and on her German Wheel she is unstoppable. She is the creator of Circus Company Madhouse Circus which has crushed it at Adelaide with a multitude of shows. Flick from the Flying Fruitfly Circus is a flier, a juggler, an acrobat with skills to pay the bills.

Circobats Performance Troop

And a Gala show would not be complete with a performance from Adelaide’s own Circus School Circobats Performance troop. Tumbling and balancing into action. These kids are the circus power houses of tomorrow!


Rhys Davis the Trickster, Renegade Show MC and Circus Olympics MC

This young cheeky, funny man will have you laughing and gasping at his stunts that he performs from circus to sideshow. He has extreme juggling skills that he has perfected all around the world from Edinburgh to New Zealand. He is a master of the odd and the kooky and leaves you scratching you head think how? or why?

Philippe Quolin

Belgium born and French speaking, he has learned the art of juggling in 1983 while living in England. After attended juggling classes at a circus school located at Covent Garden, London.

After immigrating to Australia in 1985, He started teaching the art of juggling for the Workers Educational Association. In 1986, He founded the Adelaide Juggling Club. He managed and ran the juggling club until 2010, during which he taught juggling to well over 7,000 people.

From being almost non-existent, juggling is now one of the hottest hobbies for many Adelaidians.

Shona Conacher

Hilarous funny lady and hula hoop boss Shona! Has been ripping up the streets of Edinburgh Fringe festival and all over Europe. She is from Circus Monoxide and has just cleaned up at the Melbourne Comedy Festival with the Trash Test Dummies.